Facts About Beer

facts about beer joseph morris

facts about beer joseph morrisGuzzle down these facts about beer!

You can make beer from beards

A brewmaster in Oregon uses his beard to collect yeast and make beer from it. Yeast is made from organic stuff that is rotting, so it actually works.

The foam is actually good

There are many times I’m asked to pour beer without foam. To some it is unappetizing and tastes bad. But it can actually indicate the quality of the beer. Lack of head can mean that your beer is flat and bland tasting.

The holy grail of foam is called “Brussels Lace.” The foam forms a lace like residue when the glass is empty and doesn’t go away. This stubborn foam is only achieved with high quality beer.

Marijuana is closely related to beer

Hops, the flavouring agent in beer, is a member of the Cannabaceae family,

The Egyptians drank beer

The Nile was so full of bacteria that it was healthier to drink beer. When the pyramids of Giza were built, workers were paid with beer. They were given beer three times a day, so they must have had a nice buzz while building the pyramids!

You can make beer out of spit

Chicha is a peruvian beer that is said to date back to Incan times. It has one strange ingredient: spit.

The bacteria and enzymes in your spit can replace the malting process in making beer. So you can chew corn and spit it out to make beer.

Chicha is still a popular refreshment in Peru.

Westvleteren 12.

Beer aficionados all agree;  Westvleteren 12 is the best beer in the world. It is only available by driving to the Belgium monastery that makes it. When the monks needed a new roof, they breifly sold their beer in other countries for $85 a six-pack. It sold out in minutes.




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