eSight Eyewear Restores Vision To The Legally Blind


eSight Stargardt Legally BlindHis love for his sister inspired the founder of eSight Eyewear to help restore vision to those 250 million people impacted by blindness.

Founder Conrad Lewis’ sister suffers fromĀ  Stargardt disease, which causes macular degeneration behind the eyes. Having a sister who also suffers from the disease, a doctor once described it as taking a pair of glasses and sandpapering down the middle of both lenses. You can only see mere centimeters in front of your nose and you are considered legally blind.

Calling to mind Google Glass and the Occulus Rift, the device places two LCD screens in front of the user’s eyes. A camera on the front of the glasses shoots the images to a small hip- or lap- mounted computer. Including freeze framing and zooming, the user has the ability to manipulate the video.

Introductory prices start at $10,000.



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