Emmy Awards 2014 Robin Williams Tribute and Funny Moments


I have the Emmy 2014 funny moments for you to LOL with (or at).

Although the consensus is in that Seth Meyers was not funny, he did have some really great moments. Including his streeters where he asked regular people about the Emmy’s. News Flash: No one really cares. But you do, that’s why you’re reading this, right?

Then there were some other bright spots within the dull moments. Including Weird Al’s performance, where Joffrey made a guest appearance. He began pestering one of the presenters. It was laugh out loud funny in the midst of a cringe-worthy performance.

How can we forget the Julia Louis-Dreyfus kiss, Vergara spinning around on a platform (although some considered this sexist), and the heartfelt tribute from Billy Crystal to Robin Williams. These and other great moments on my video, check it out!


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