Ellen Page Argues Ted Cruz About LGBT Rights & Religious Liberty at Iowa State Fair LIVE Review


Ellen Page surprised Ted Cruz and grilled him about LGBT rights while he was grilling. Now that’s meta.
The actress surprised the Republican President at the Iowa State Fair while he was bbq-ing some pork chops.
“What we’re seeing right now, we’re seeing Bible-believing Christians being persecuted for living according to their faith,” Cruz said. “For discriminating against LGBT people,” Page responded.
The exchange was recorded by ABC News. The two spoke for about 5 minutes after Page, who is gay, asked about LGBT people “being fired for being gay-trans.”
Cruz went on to reference the real-life scenario of Dick and Betty Odgaard, an Iowa couple who shut down their business after a long legal battle for refusing to host a same-sex wedding.

Cruz says, “Hypothetically if you had a gay florist and imagine that two evangelical Christians  wanted to get married and the gay florist decided you know what I disagree with your faith I don’t want to provide flowers I would say they should provide the flowers.
And I would say the gay florist has every right to say if I disagree with your faith and don’t want to participate I’m you know what, there’s lots of other people you can buy flowers from.”

Actually, no Cruz, there’s not. That florist is the only one in town with fabulous flowers. Trust me.
Cruz’s argument for discriminating against gays was pretty much, “Well, at least we’re not Isis.”
The actor was there filming for her upcoming Vice TV show Gaycation With Ellen Page.
Cruz told ABC news that he did know he was speaking with Page, who is an Academy Award-nominated actress who came out last year on Valentine’s Day – and who also happens to be Canadian.
So who won the debate? Twitter had their opinions.
Nyghtewynd writes, “Oh, Ellen Page. Bless your heart. Stick with reading scripts, maybe.”
L writes, “Better luck next time. I’m not a Cruz fan, but that must have been embarrassing for you.”
Who do you think won the debate? Watch Ted Cruz debate Ellen Page about LGBT Rights and Religious Liberty above! Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!


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