Jay Z ‘Drug Deals Anonymous’ ft Pusha T: Dam Daniel, Crack Cocaine, Tomi Lahren, Beyonce


Jay Z name-drops Damn Daniel on ‘Drug Deals Anonymous’Damn Jay, back at it again with the memes.

Last week, Jay Z responded to the Beyonce’s Lemonade controversy. This week he released Drug Dealers Anonymous with Pusha T. The song dropped on TIDAL, the music streaming service owned by Jay Z.

In the epic song he references the Dam Daniel meme.

“Life made me ambidextrous / Countin’ with my right, whipping white with my left wrist / Damn Daniel / FBI keep bringing them all white vans through,” he raps.

Jay Z also included a clip of conservative Tomi Lahren who commented on Jay’s drug dealing past.

“Your husband was a drug dealer,” she says, addressing Beyonce. “For fourteen years, he sold crack cocaine.”

Jay responded to it on the track: “Fourteen-year drug dealer and still counting / Who deserves theMedal of Freedom? My accountant.”

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