Jay-Z’s 4:44 contained many lessons for up and coming rappers. One particular line about the “money phone” pose has become viral. On “The Story of O.J.” Jay says “Y’all on the ‘gram holdin’ money to your ear. There’s a disconnect, we don’t call that money over here.”

It’s been hypothesized that Future had a response to the line, and now Drake is coming for H to the Izzy with his own criticism.

Drake Responds to Jay-Z’s “Money Phone” Pose Criticism on “The Story of O.J.” from 4:44A video has surfaced of Drake pressing two fat stacks of cash to his ears and making of Jay’s rap. “What they say? Don’t put money to your ear? Oh, I didn’t hear that,” he says with a grin.

Drake was so eager to hear Jay-Z’s 4:44 album the night it dropped that he requested it to be played over the speakers in a Baltimore restaurant he was eating at. It’s been speculated that Drake and Jay-Z have taken shots at each other in the past. How rapped a few vague bars on DJ Khaled’s “Shining” that have been guessing what he meant and if he was directing it towards Drake.

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