Drake “Pop Style” ft Kanye West and Jay Z as well as “One Dance” ft WizKid and Kyla Views From the 6


Drake Pop Style Kanye West Jay Z One Dance Kyla WizKidDrake dropped TWO brand new songs today, and they’re both next level amazing.

One Dance” features drizzy softly singing and crooning throughout the song. He doesn’t rap on it at all. He sounds velvety smooth. His vocals are perfectly complimented by WizKid and Kyla, who are also on the track. It reminds me a bunch of Rihanna’s Work, which has a similar Caribbean dance hall vibe. The lyrics go something like this, although I am probably butchering it:

That’s why I need one dance
Got her hand in my sea in one hand
One more before I go
Higher powers taking a hold on me

While “Pop Style” has Kanye West and Jay Z on the track, here on out referred to as The Throne. Their naming is definitely a nod to their collar album Watch The Throne. The jam is decidedly edgier with some fire rapping and swag beats. Clearly there isn’t any friction for Drake saying he has a better pool than Kanye in Summer Sixteen. This is the hook for the song:

This sound like some 4301 shit
All my niggers wanna do is Pop Style
Turn my birthday into a lifestyle

I obviously like “One Dance” because I am massive Rihanna fan. I can’t get enough of her “Work” song. And this obviously feels like a remix. Which one do you like more? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!



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