Drake Hotline Bling Official Video: BEST #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat Dance Moves Meme


I’ll admit, I’ll admit, I’ll watch my tone, boi. I wouldn’t want you go to from 0 to 100 real quick. I am a huge Drake fan. Just ask my status update from 2008 that embarrassingly exclaimed that I was proud to be from Toronto because Drake is.

There are some aspects of his fame that I don’t necessarily agree with (re: that whole being from Canada’s richest neighborhood thing). But I am willing to forgive everything because of his amazing music. And now his amazing dance moves.

Because the best thing about him in the Hotline Bling video wasn’t that grandpa sweater he was rocking. But his drunk uncle moves that were so bad you couldn’t help but stare.

It seems Drake is always in on the joke. He even posted one of the memes to his own Instagram, which makes me like him more. To the point where I may explode with Drake fandom.

I once saw him at the front of a Toronto Raptors game dressed full on grandpa. I didn’t know this was a thing, let alone his whole look and demeanor. But it’s definitely working it’s magic on the ladies, just ask his choreographer Tanisha Scott who was all over him in the video!

Watch the Drake Hotline Bling Official Video above and let me know YOUR favourite dance move from the video. Don’t forget to subscribe!



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