Donald Trump’s Press Conference Highlights February 2017


From his Electoral College margin victory to the media, see the highlights of President Trump’s conference with the press Thursday afternoon.

President Trump’s 77 minute press conference on Thursday was assaults on the press and the intelligence community. He believe the media is hateful, unfair, takes him out of context, and misinterprets his jokes. In many instances, President Donald Trump is right.

Donald Trump’s Press Conference Highlights February 2017

There seems to be a constant drumbeat against President rather than biased coverage of him. There is a subtle condescension and judgement that lays just beneath the surface of so many of the headlines and analysis surrounding the President. Trump’s ability to bypass the media and speak freely and directly to his supporters make sense, so he announced a rally in Florida this Saturday. This is why he uses Twitter, so he can get an unfiltered communication to his supporters.

At the rally he shows he understands the American public. President Trump felt that waiting until Saturday was too long to wait He replaced a Sean Spicer press briefing with a President Trump press conference.

Recently a federal appeals court ruled to maintain the say on his temporary travel ban. Michael Flynn resigned and is sparking a GOP led inquiry into the administration’s connection to Russia. Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts” and “bowling green massacre” accidents. These are not the stories one wants to wake up to after less than a month in the White House.

He could’ve sent Sean Spicer. But the President’s very real reasons to feel anxiety over recent events gave him the instinct to know that only he could go out there and fix the mess. And so he did just that.

When it was over, the media was scrambling, confused and desperate to find the right headline amongst hundreds of possible attention grabbing headlines.

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