Donald Trump QUITS Fox News Debate because Megyn Kelly is a ‘Lightweight’ ‘Third Rate Reporter’


Some wounds just never seem to heal.

After Megyn Kelly asked some tough questions to Donald Trump back in August, he had some choice words to describe the moderation. He said the reporter had blood coming out of her “eyes” and here “wherever.” Some have interpreted this statement to have to do with her menstrual cycle. Even though he denied those allegations.

Nonetheless, he’s back at it again in Iowa. Earlier today he posted an Instagram video along with a tweet asking his followers if he should attend the debate. Because Megyn Kelly has a “bias.”

Before announcing the lineup, the real estate tycoon attended an event in Iowa where he said he “probably” won’t attend. He’s tired of giving the networks money and he would rather give it to the veterans. He will have his own debate simultaneously on Thursday.

The reason he dropped out is because of Megyn Kelly. At his press conference in Iowa he described her as a “third rate reporter” and a “lightweight.” This has led him to say “bye bye.” Along with the press release Fox News wrote that he considers childish.

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