Donald Trump Hotline Bling Dance Meme SNL – Saturday Night Live Opening Monologue with Larry David Calling Him Racist


Live from New York, it’s Donald Trump!

Donald Trump Hotline Bling Dance Meme is a match made in heaven. The Trumpster brought out some of the best awkward dad dance moves ever. He wiggled his stiff legs while honking, “You used to call me on the cellphone.”

Martin Short even got in on the Hotline Bling dance meme. And then everyone else joined him to give their best “dad dances.”

The presidential candidate did not hold back while he was hosting, taking digs at protesters who were angry about the show. He used Larry David to help get his point across.

“Trump’s a racist!” David yelled, then admitting “I heard if I yelled that they’d give me $5,000.”

This was referencing the $5,000 promised by Latino Activist group to anyone who could interrupt the Donald Trump show.

The real estate mogul was joined on stage by various versions of himself, each bringing their best Trump charm and favorite lines as he exclaimed that this show has been a “disaster” for him but he’s back because he can take a joke.

SNL’s resident trump impersonator Taran Killam says that the show has “gotten better by about 2 billion percent.” Killam says, “In fact, now that I’m out here, it’s the best monologue in ‘SNL’ history.”

But there was one big difference between the Trump impersonators and the real thing: “They don’t have my talent, my money, or especially my good looks.”

He also opened some old wounds with Rosie O’Donnell: “She said some things about me that were hurtful and untrue. I said things about her that were mean but completely accurate,”

Hotline Bling and Donald Trump are just the gift that keeps on giving. Did his appearance on SNL make you wanna vote Donald Trump? Let me know in the comments below.


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