Donald Trump Angela Merkel: Handshake Denied, AWKWARD


Donald Trump denied Angela Merkel a handshake and it was so awkward. Not that Donald Trump’s handshakes aren’t notoriously bad to begin with, completely denying one definitely took the price.

Donald Trump Angela Merkel: Handshake Denied, AWKWARD

The German Chancellor visited the United States White House on Friday for her first face-to-face meeting with President Donald Trump.

The whole meeting was pretty tense because of Trump’s past comments slamming NATO, Germany’s dominance in the EU, and Merkel’s pro-refugee policies.

Trump completely ignored Merkel when she asked if he wanted to shake hands for the cameras.

You can actually see the exact moment when she realized how awkward it was.

But on the flip side, it’s not 100% clear whether Trump heard Merkel amid the noise in the room. But the result made my soul sink into my body and crave death.

Lots of people compared Trump denying the handshake to a child. But mostly, people were just suffering from a Class A case of second-hand embarrassment.

So what is German for “This is painfully awkward and I have to go now”?

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