Cronut Burger Debuts at the Canadian National Exhibition


The ccronut burger joseph morrisronut burger: part donut, part croissant, all terribly bad for you. But you only live once, so you should try it at the Canadian National Exhibition this year. Along with this artery clogging confection, Holly Medwid rounds up some of the best things to do in Toronto this weekend.

Shakespeare in High Park – Jun 26 to Sep 1, 2013

If you’re in the mood for drama (the good kind), then you might want to check out Shakespeare in the Park. The Canadian Stage Company is putting on a modern version of Macbeth and the Taming of the Shrew in High Park. Hurry up though, it’s ending this weekend!

This pay what you can event allows you to reserve a cushion in advance for $25.

CraveTO – August 17th 7-11pm

If you love food (I’m assuming that’s everyone) then you should check out CraveTO. Not only because they have really cute ads with hashtags (#beer #food, etc.,) but because they will be serving amazing food in the alley at the iconic Honest Ed’s, which is sadly closing. So hurry in for the fabulous photo-op.

Seriously though, the food looks amazing: Philippine street food from Kanto, Extremeo sandwiches from Fidel Gastro (@fidelgastro), and more. Make sure to arrive early (they recommend half an hour) and bring cash (preferably small demoniations of $5.)

Canadian National Exhibition – August 16- September 2

Lastly, how can we forget the CNE? It officially opens today complete with heart attack inducing foods. The cronut burger has no official calorie count, but it’s suffice to say that you should probably go for a very long run afterwards.

And there you have it, some super fun things to do this weekend. Did I miss anything? Tweet me @jldmorris or Holly Medwid @hollymedwid to get your event on our weekly roundup that happens every Friday.



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