Conor McGregor Nate Diaz Fight at UFC 202 Press Conference, Hurls Water Bottles


Conor McGregor Nate Diaz Fight at UFC 202 Press Conference, Hurls Water BottlesDon’t worry guys, I hate water bottles too. They are really bad for the environment. But throwing them at each other is not okay. What did those water bottles ever do to you?

It’s never a bad thing for a fight promoter when two opponents don’t like each other. But Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz may have gone a little overboard at a press conference.

In the build up to their rematch at UFC 202 on Saturday, Diaz and McGregor were supposed to appear at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

McGregor showed up late, so things were already off to a bad start. UFC president Dana White decided to start the press conference without him.

“He has to respect other people’s time,” White told the audience. Diaz went ahead and answered some questions without McGregor. McGregor eventually showed up 30 minutes late and Diaz got up and walked off stage in the middle of the press conference. He told McGregor to QUOTE “F— your whole team. How about that?”

McGregor taunted the Hispanic fighter and the group leaving with him calling them “crackhead eses.”

Then they began shouting back and forth. And it escalated when Diaz there w a water bottle toward the stage. Then his teammates joined in on throwing water bottles. McGregor threw back.

An angry White grabbed the microphone to address the crowd before walking off.

“Sorry guys, see ya Saturday,” White Said.

Saturday’s fight is a rematch from UFC 196 in March when Diaz pulled off the upset by forcing McGregor to tap out from a choke in the second round.

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