Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla Shot and Killed After Four Year Old Boy Falls


Cincinnatti Zoo Guerilla KilledA four year old boy falls 12 feet into a zoo enclosure and is grabbed and dragged by a 400 pound gorilla for 10 minutes before the animal is shot dead.

A day before yesterday’s incident, the zoo had posted on its Facebook page asking the public to wish Harambe a happy 17th birthday.

The boy is expected to recover after being picked up out of the moat.

Footage has surfaced showing the boy in the enclosure.

Goldie Taylor writes, “A child climbs into a gorilla exhibit at the zoo. I have questions, not for the zoo or the gorilla, but for the parents.”

Philip Lewis writes, “#GrowingUpWithABlackMom “You jump in that gorilla cage if you want to. Ain’t nobody coming to get your lil behind.”

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