Cecil The Lion Killed by Dentist Walter Palmer of River Bluff Dental


Super rich dentist Walter Palmer paid 50,000 to kill a famous lion: Cecil The Lion. The lion was lured out of a national park with bait, and Palmer shot him with a cross bow.
As many people pointed out, killing a lion is a very cowardly thing to do. Lions are just like big cats: they’re easy to find, they chill out in the shade, and are all around good cats that if you stay in your vehicle you have nothing to worry about.
Many people have agreed with this sentiment and have flooded Twitter, Yelp and Facebook with their feelings of disgust. @KissFromChloe writes: “#WalterPalmer needs to spend $50,000 on therapy to figure out why killing #animals makes him feel more like a man. #CecilTheLion” The Facebook page has since been taken down.
Palmer joins the ranks of endangered species killer Kendall Jones. Facebook eventually deleted all of the photos from Jones’ profile, saying it will remove “reported content that promotes poaching of endangered species, the sale of animals for organized fight or content that includes extreme acts of animal abuse.”
So what do you think about the whole ordeal? Watch the video above about Cecil The Lion killed by Walter Palmer and let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!


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