Cavaliers vs Raptors highlights: LeBron James Gets Hit in the Face by His Own Teammate, Then Flopped SO Hard


cavs-vs-raps-game-3LeBron James is one of the strongest players in the NBA, but whenever he gets touched he seems to go flying all over the place. Kind of like a feather in the wind. It’s almost ridiculous to watch a big guy like LeBron get knocked out by a slight tap. Case in point: last night’s game.

Saturday night was Game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals. LeBron was accidentally hit in the face by his own teammate Tristan Thomson.

The basketball player flopped so hard that the refs called a technical foul on the Toronto Raptors.

The refs changed the call to a double technical but they should be ashamed of themselves for falling for LeBron’s act in the first place.

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