Cash Me Outside on Dr Phil Part 2: Mom is racist, put on BLAST for Danielle Bregoli’s Behaviour


The Cash Me Outside is back on Dr. Phil for Part 2. In this clip, her mother is the focus. When Danielle Bregoli reappeared on the Dr Phil Show, her mother had a list of demands for the show’s producer. And Dr Phil put Cash Me Outside girl’s mom on blast.

I always had a feeling that her mother was setting a poor example for her child. After Cash Me Outside girl said her infamous line on the show, the mother explained that it meant she will take the audience, or hoes, outside and “do what she has to do.” She said it with a bit of a light in her eyes, almost knowing that the moment was going to be the internet sensation that it was.

Cash Me Outside Girl Danielle Bregoli Attacks Passenger, Kick Off Airplane, Spirit Airlines

So when the Cash Me Outside girl came back on the Dr Phil show for Part 2, she justified her demands by bringing up the show’s ratings because of her daughter. It was also revealed that she got her daughter an agent. That probably explains why she’s in Kodak Black’s “Everything 1K” video. Who knows where the 13 year old will pop up next? In one of the clips, the daughter said she made Dr. Phil like Oprah did.

Dr. Phil aired out the dirty laundry when he said she was setting a poor example for her child. In a social media video, you can hear the mother being racist.

Do you think Barbara Ann, the Cash Me Outside Girls mom is setting a poor example for her daughter, Danielle Bregoli? Watch the clip from Cash Me Outside girl on Dr Phil Part 2 and let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe.


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