Cara Delevingne Good Morning Sacramento Paper Planes Interview Response


Cara Delivingne responds that it was a cultural divide that caused her tense interview on Good Morning Sacramento.

“Some people just don’t understand sarcasm or the British sense of humour,” the English supermodel and actress tweeted after her televised interview went viral.

The awkward exchange took place between Delevingne and anchors Kenneth Rudulph, Marianne McClary, and Mark Allen on Tuesday. They were interviewing her about her new movie Paper Planes, which she stars.

In her defense though, they did get her name wrong. That is a fireable offence in my opinion. But seconds later they did get it right, so was it an honest mistake?

Also, the questions were pretty offensive. They even went as far as to ask if she even read the book. Ouch.

““Uh, no. I never read the book or the script,” she replied sarcastically. “I kind of winged it. No, of course, [I did.] John Green is an incredible author, so really if you haven’t read his books, you should.”

She appeared slightly annoyed, and rightfully so. The anchors called her out telling her she look “exhausted” and “irritated”, which she denied.

The final comment about the Red Bull really knocked it out of the park. No wonder they pulled the plug on the stream! Even after doing so the anchors continued to publicly bash her.

Rudulph later tweeted, “Yeah, I could have asked a better question. That was my bad. LOL.”

Apparently Good Morning Sacramento is a pretty popular breakfast show. Will you continue watching it after this whole ordeal? Watch the video about Cara Delevingne on Good Morning Sacramento and let me know in the comments below!


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