Britney Spears “Would You Come Over” (Official Audio) – Glory Release


Britney Spears “Would You Come Over” (Official Audio) - Glory ReleaseAlright fine Britney, I guess I will come over. Your song has definitely persuaded me.

Britney Spears new song “Would You Come Over” off her upcoming Glory album (which is being released next week) is being hailed as a Millennial Anthem.

The fourth track off her upcoming ninth studio album was dropped slate Wednesday night. Every week the living legend you can look but don’t touch releases a new track. This banger references the ever so popular “Netflix and Chill” motif our generation has popularized.

The song features a sexy beat encouraging listeners to get up and move their feet. But, the song’s lyrics say something different entirely.

“I could get into that kissin’ and touchin’ or we could be good and do next to nothing. Do you wanna come over?” she asks. “ ’Cause all I want is what you want, and all you want is me. Yeah, all you want is what I want, and what I want is you.”

Given her last tracks were named “Make Me…”, “Private Show” and “Clumsy,” Britney is definitely not beating around the bush about what she wants. Or maybe she is beating her bush? Anyway.

Britney has been doing extremely well for herself lately. Her Las Vegas residency show has been going strong since December 2013 and has been extended through until 2017.
Among those attendees was actor Colton Haynes, who Spears pulled up on stage Wednesday night to participate in her provocative “Freak Show” routine where she chains up a fan.

This is by far my favourite track so far. I felt “Make Me” was a bit too slow. I like how this one is a bit faster paced and exciting.

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