Britney Spears – Private Show: Glory Album, New Song 2016


Britney Spears - Private Show: Glory Album, New Song 2016Britney Spears is letting her freak flag fly again with “Private Show” off her upcoming album ‘Glory’.

As always with Britney, she keeps us guessing. It’s almost impossible telling what’s next for Britney, and this shows in her music. She had a ton of unique vocals through her career like “Soda Pop” on Baby, “Hot as Ice” on Blackout, and “Mmm Papi” on Circus. She’s a true vocal performer by being immediately recognizable but shape-shifting all at once. And now you can add “Private Show” to that list.

It’s a rather bizarre, experimental moment from her upcoming ninth studio album, Glory. The much-anticipated album will be out on August 26.

The song’s vocals are very doo top-inspired that is both silly and sexy and so, so much fun to listen to. She goes into a high-pitched almost Chipmunkey mode. Then drops it down with some RiRi inspired lyrics. Other times she is barking out commands as if she were a Drill Seargent. And all her tricks are spectacular.

She’s proven on “Make Me” with G-Eazy that she can still sound relevant in 2016. That is saying something considering she’s been in the game 10 years longer than most of her contemporaries. I mean, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga didn’t debut until 2008.

“Private Show” sounds and feels like the stuff of the same goofy, unhinged personality we’ve known for years. And shows us that Godney can tell what she wants, when she wants.

So sit back and enjoy the show.

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