Britney Spears Las Vegas 2015 BEST MOMENTS: Piece of Me Live Performance, Work Bitch, Baby One More Time


Is it 2004? Britney Spears slayed at her #1 Las Vegas show Piece of Me on August 7th.
Britney decked herself out in in turquoise and pink tips.
Her new colour gave her life.
Mom, is that you?
Social media rejoiced over this amazing live performance.
Joanna @PieceofBritney writes that she wants Britney to “skull drag” her.
Britney’s cute tweet about her performance of “All The Pretty Girls” made me forget about Iggy Azalea.
And her slave 4 u choreography was accurate and flawless. She was hitting every single beat and movement with pizzaz.
It didn’t look like she was marking at all.
During “Baby” she even did full out spins!
In fact, her Me Against The Music choreo made me forgive her for those hideous pants.
Ok, I’ll admit: I wouldn’t have paid to see Britney in Vegas because it felt more like a CD Listening Party than a show. But this has changed my mind.
What do you think of Britney’s newfound sparkle? Watch Britney Spears Las Vegas 2015 Best Moments above and let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!


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