Brazil vs Germany World Cup 2014: 11 Facts


So Germany beat Brazil 7-1 and lots of people cried.

I’ll be honest: all I really know about Germany is that they build great cars and have fantastic unions. I’m working on changing that with these facts:

1) Thomas Müller is the face of Müller Light yogurts in Germany (founder Ludwig Müller is rumored to be his grandad) to the tune of $53 million.

2) Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer won $680 thousand on Germany’s Who Wants To Be A Milionaire.

3) Jerome Boateng plays for Germany while his half-brother Kevin-Prince plays for Ghana. They faced each other in the group stage of the World Cup.

5) Mesu Ozil is a Muslim and recites the Koran before matches. He can’t fast since he has to keep up his energy.

8) Philipp Lahm’s nickname is “Magic Dwarf” because he’s small.

10) Coach Joachim Low shook hands with Cristiano Ronaldo after Germany beat Portugal 4-0. But viewers noticed he picked his nose moments before.

11) Malaysian MP Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin tweeted “WELL DONE.. BRAVO… LONG LIVE HITLER” after the Germans won.



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