Most Popular Branded Video of 2013


And the winner for the most prolific branded video of the year goes to… Samsung, again.

It turns out having Jay-Z in your video is SEO gold, with it comes over 25 million views. What’s the video about? I couldn’t tell you. Something about desaturated colours and beats. Oh, and Pharrell Williams et al. cameos.

The sleek masterpiece beat out other hard hitters including Google with their popular 15 second videos advocating Google Chrome.

The list is as follows:

1) Samsung, 491 million views

2) Google, 369 million views

3) Sony, 169 million views – nearly a third of their views came from the debut of Playstation 4.

4) Dove, 159 million views – Their “Real Beauty Sketches” hasn’t lost its momentum. The commercial that asks the subject to describe to a sketch artist their facial features vs. how others describe them is the most shared ad of 2013.

5) Rovio, 142 million views – I’m out of the loop with this one, but it has to do with Angry Birds. I tried that game, once.




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