Blobfish Wins Title of Ugliest Animal

Blobfish Corproate Video Production Toronto Joseph Morris

The blobfish is declared the world’s ugliest animal and is the official mascot of the Ugly Animal Presevation Society. It won by nearly 10,000 votes against creatures like the ‘scrotum’ water frog and the proboscis monkey that has a huge nose.

blobfish joseph morris corporate video production toronto


The ‘scrotum’ frog in all its glory

The society began as a science-themed comedy night and devised its mascot campaign to draw attention to “aesthetically challenged” threatened species.

Biologist and TV presenter Simon Watt is the president of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society. He hopes that the society will draw attention to the issues that threaten species.

The contest also draws attention to less cuddly endangered animals.

“Our traditional approach to conservation is egotistical,” Watt told BBC News.

“We only protect the animals that we relate to because they’re cute, like pandas.”

What do you think of the blobfish? Will you go out of your way to keep these species alive?


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