#BLMKidnapping Video: Black Lives Matter Blamed For Facebook Live Video, Tortured Special Needs Man


#BLMKidnapping Video: Black Lives Matter Falsely Blamed For Facebook Live Video of Tortured Special Needs ManTo adhere to YouTube’s policy and personal reasons, I will not be showing clips of the traumatic video.

Brittany Herring posted a Facebook Live Video of herself and 2 unidentified men and another woman torturing a man with special needs. They were all 18 and the attackers are in custody.

The event took place in a Chicago suburb. The victim was last seen on December 31st by his parents and they received texts from his captors. Police said the victim was with the group for at least 24 to 48 hours. He was eventually cut free and let go, which is when he was found by patrol officers.

The attackers yelled “F*ck Donald Trump and f*ck white people” at the victim as Herring was recording. They kicked, punched, cut his scalp, and removed his clothing. In another video they forced him to drink out of a toilet. At one point, the victim was forced at knifepoint to say “f*ck Donald Trump.”

Police became aware of the video Wednesday afternoon after the incident took place on Tuesday. The attackers were black and the victim was white. Police are determining whether or not this is a hate crime.

The victim was rushed to the hospital but is now in stable condition.

The video, which is about half an hour long, has been taken down from Facebook but can be found across social media. YouTube is censoring the full video. You can watch the vid here:

Currently there is no evidence to suggest this was associated with the Black Lives Matter movement.

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  1. “Currently there is no evidence to suggest this was associated with the Black Lives Matter movement.”

    Of course there is. The BLM rhetoric caused this.


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