Black Friday 2015 Best: Walmart, Vegetable Steamer, Jordans, Food Court


Check out the video of the Best Black Friday 2015 here.

What’s your favourite holiday of the year? Christmas? Valentine’s Day? Halloween? Well, if you LOVE discounts AND shopping AND the WWE, then I’m 100% positive that’s it’s more than likely Black Friday.

Besides everyone’s best efforts to remain civil (Black Lives Matter protestors even tried to boycott it) this Black Friday 2015 remained ratchet as ever.

A fist grappling broke out between two dudes in a food court. I don’t know what it was. But nonetheless people were yelling, “Worldstarrrr.” Because apparently this content is ideal for that channel (have they heard of JLD?).

Then we had a couple videos from none other than Wal-Mart. Because where else do people go to act like complete messes. A woman punched a guy in the face over a television set. It seems as though television sets are always the hot ticket item on Black Friday.

Lastly we had a woman rip a vegetable steamer out of a poor child’s hands. She was held back by (possibly) his mother. She yelled, “You’re scaring me!” Yeah, cause I’m sure that child won’t have PTSD when eating vegetables.

Anyway, watch my round up of the BEST Black Friday 2015. And let me know in the comments below which confrontation was your favourite.



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