Bill Cosby Rape Allegations Discussed on The View – Rosie O’Donnell has her mind made up, Whoopi Goldberg defends


The Associated Press released some behind the scenes footage of their interview with Bill Cosby. The entertainment journalist’s final question was in regards to the allegations of sexual abuse surrounding Cosby. Immediately after the interview wrapped, Cosby asked if the editors would “scuttle” that portion of the interview.

The women of the view discussed the footage, and it was 3 against 1. It appeared that Rosie O’Donnell already had her mind made up. “There are lots of allegations starting in 1969, there are many, many, and it’s very hard, I think, for any of us to Bill Cosby in this context,” O’Donnell explained.

O’Donnell seemed very frustrated that none of the women sided with these allegations. Rosie Perez says, “I’m not saying the man isn’t guilty. I’m saying that that’s not my business.”
“As a woman, it’s not your business?” O’Donnell rebuts.

Whoopi Goldberg likened the allegations made against Cosby to those made against Paula Deen. “I just think there’s a big difference between rape allegations and Paula using the N-word,” O’Donnell said.

“No there’s not,” said Goldberg, “because until you know if it’s true, it’s an allegation. It seems now you are guilty, no matter what.” “It’s harder when 13 women accuse you,” O’Donnell said. Whoopi says “My point is people jump on the bandwagon.”

“What’s the motivation of the women?” O’Donnell asked. “There’s no financial gain. They woke up and said, ‘I want to ruin Bill Cosby today?’

Perez says that these women are accused of seeking fame and fortune. What do you think of the allegations made against Bill Cosby? Watch the video above and let me know whose side you’re on!


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