Rays Teixeira Melo was the bikini model who was demonstrating how to use sunscreen on Live TV. She was accompanied by a man who claimed he was a sun lotion “expert”. The sunscreen demonstration was meant for their health segment.

At first the tight white t-shirt guy begins slowly rubbing cream onto her thighs. The model was smiling through it. But eventually the dude oversteps the mark, sliding his hand round onto her right buttock.

Bikini Model Slaps TV Host After He Grabs Her Butt During Creepy Sunscreen Demonstration

So when the bikini model told the creepy TV presenter to keep his hands off her backside during an awkward sunscreen he thought she was joking.

The meaning of the word “no” still seems so difficult for some men to grasp. Because he did it again, after muttering an apology.

Well he got a massive slap round the face and had bottles of sunblock launched at him on live television.

The model, Rayssa Texeiro Melo, won fans for her response to the presenter.

Do you think the guy was overstepping his boundaries by grabbing the bikini model’s bum? Or was the Brazilian television’s health segment on how to apply sunscreen effective? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!