The Day Beyonce Turned Black Saturday Night Live SNL ft Kanye West Melissa McCarthy, Formation Music Video


Beyonce turned blackThe Day Beyonce Turned Black SNL and white people are losing their dam minds.

The internet collectively went nuts last week when Beyonce dropped Formation.

And rightfully so, it’s a great song that celebrates black culture and black rights.

And it’s arguably her most political track. Ever.

Even her Super Bowl halftime show had her back up dancers dressed as black panthers.

The creators of SNL decided to make a parody of white people reacting to the song.

Aidy Bryant suddenly realizing Beyonce is black after listening to the song.

And it shows the rest of the white world suddenly in shock over the realization.

Everyone seemed confused.

And for once something in pop culture wasn’t made for white people.

Suddenly white people everywhere start realizing that people are black.

And that there’s such a thing as black women.

And they start mistaking other white people for being black.

But I have to say, I’m a white guy and I love the track. This year at Toronto Pride we’re partnering with Black Lives Matter.

Do you like Beyonce’s song or do you find it offensive? What do you think of the SNL Beyonce Turned Black skit? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!


  1. Hello,
    Very intersting that in the US there is a reaction in this direction: “Byonce is black!”
    Here in Sweden I think that very few have had this reaction!
    We find Byonce extraordinary as an artist and do not range artists in black or white,
    only as bad, good or extraordinary performers! There is always the nazi-types, but they
    are in minority!
    I have experience, 76 yrs old/young


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