Best Whiteboard Animation


So last night I took it upon myself to create a whiteboard animation for my client, aiRider. It turned out pretty great, it turns out whiteboard animation is super fun to do, although time consuming.

Anyway, I decided to present to you with the best whiteboard animation I could find on the web.

So this guy has an entire YouTube channel just dedicated to whiteboard animation. He actually draws most of his work. I find this video particularly interesting. He talks about ideas being “dormant” for awhile. I couldn’t relate more. It’s why when I procrastinate it actually feels like I’m working. Until it eventually just clicks and I have to give a long, painful birth.

He also talks about the importance of collaboration, which is entirely true. Right now in my life I’m collaborating with Stand Out Media, where my ideas interact with other creative people and we create some really cool stuff.


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