Best Vines February 2016 Donald Trump Bing Bong REMIX: Jurassic Park Compilation


Best Vines February 2016It’s no secret that Donald Trump is a pretty hilarious person, when he’s not talking about ISIS or Mexican immigrants, of course. And his mannerisms – like his sassy faces – have spawned some hilarious memes.

The latest meme he gave birth to was from his time in Detroit when he was talking about trucks in Detroit. During his speech he used the words “bing bong” to get his point across. It was strange and CNN posted a vine of it. That one vine led to a chain reaction of people remixing the video. And nothing was safe from the wrath of the bing bong meme including Tetris, Super Mario Bros, Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park, and The Hansons (remember them?).

My favorite has to be the Jurassic Park one. It completely captured how I feel about Trump: a bizarre Dinosaur that is entertaining to watch. Anyway, Mr. Trump, where’s my “small loan” of a million dollars?

Which Vine was your favorite? Watch my Best Vines February 2016 Compilation above and don’t forget to subscribe!


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