Best Halloween Costumes 2013

best halloween costumes 2013 Joseph Morris

Alright, so the results are in for the Best Halloween Costumes 2013. I basically took it upon myself to venture out on that cold and dreary Halloween Thursday to capture the most eye-catching costumes of the night.

I am really happy with the result: I got over 50 shots of some really creative costumes. After putting them on Flickr, I let the public decide.

The results are in, so let’s start with number 3, shall we?


RuPaul move over, this drag superstar is serving up some fierce realness. I got this photo when I noticed from the corner of my eye a crowd huddling in the corner. To my surprise, there was this beautiful creature lurking in the shadows. She sure knows how to strike a pose!

By far the most interesting and creative costume of the night is this man posing as some sort of sea plant with Finding Nemo. No sea plant costume would be complete without some white tights, of course. I saw him venture into Woody’s, talk about an icebreaker. Hopefully he doesn’t find himself in some deep water with all the attention he gets (har har har).

Like we didn’t see this one coming: Miley Cyrus VMA Performance 2013 costume. But surprisingly I didn’t see too many duplicates. These two sure know how to pose for the camera. It was pure luck I got this photo: it was the end of the night and my flash battery was dying. And then I saw this fantastic costume stride by (I mean, how perfect is her teddy bear top?)

There you have it, the best Halloween Costumes 2013. Don’t think I did it justice? Tweet me @jldmorris and I may reconsider. You can also see the full set on the Joseph Morris photostream!


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