Bernie Sanders on SNL: ‘Bern Your Enthusiasm’ Saturday Night Live Skit ft Larry David


Larry David and Bernie Sanders teamed up on SNL.

Bernie Sanders alienates enough voters to lose Iowa by five votes in the SNL skit ‘Bern Your Enthusiasm.’

How did he do this? By refusing to interact with fans for various reason.

At one of his rallies, one supporter coughs into her hand and offers to his shake his. Bernie refuses. She gets really angry when he tells the truth. The lady yells in a fit, “Don’t walk away from me Bernie Sanders.”

Then back at his office people won’t let it go. One of his staffers makes it about race, “You have to win the black vote… You have to shake as many black woman hands as possible.” His staffer says he doesn’t care if there’s poop on their hands, just shake it.

Bernie gets pretty frustrated and leaves. I didn’t know he was so feisty as he screams profanities. He’s actually a pretty nice guy in real life!

While clearing his head he finds a peculiar site. A woman gets into a car accident on her way to vote for Sanders.

He gets weird again about her popped shoulder when she asks him to pop it back in so that she can vote for him. He explains to her that he’s “from Brooklyn, we don’t pop in Brooklyn.”

He also alienates her and she gets pretty upset, dramatically screaming, “$!#$ you Bernie.” Now that’s a great vine for the Republicans.

Back at the office he discovers he loses by five people. And who are they? Well those alienated voters and their family members, of course. It was pretty epic.

The skit was directed by Bernie Sanders. It was pretty hilarious. I love it. What do you think about the SNL Bernie Sanders skit? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!


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