Bansky Sells Art for Cheap in Manhattan


joseph morris bansky sells artWalking around the city, would you be able to recognize fine, expensive art if you saw it? Bansky, an internationally renowned spray paint artist, put pedestrians skills to the test.

He set up shop in downtown Manhattan selling his work, some estimated at $280 thousand, for $60 a piece. They were all original and signed by him.

In total he sold 8 pieces for $420 in one day’s work. One customer bargained the price down by 50% and another just needed “something on his wall.”

Telling the difference between children’s paintings and abstract art or if subway goers would stop and listen to a famous musician comes to mind while watching the video.

The old man selling the paintings makes me wonder if it is actually Bansky in disguise. Either way, he does a pretty good job at disguising his identity (despite recent rumors of it being revealed.)

I’m hoping that when Bansky sells art again, I’ll be lucky enough to walk by! Although, he says it was just a one-off thing.


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