Artist Heather Nicols Puts a Fresh Spin on Brookfield Place’s Allen Lambert Galleria


I’ve been in Toronto for over 8 years and only discovered the Allen Lambert Galleria and their magical installations 2 years ago. Coming from a small town of Sarsfield, Ontario – who finally got a website in 2006 – I’ve been in awe of people who got to visit the “big city.” Despite coming back with Abercrombie shirts, it was the kids’ pictures I was most jealous of. Enter the Allen Lambert Galleria (not to be confused with the Adam Lambert Galleria).

This iconic space is tucked away in The Financial District. Although it may not make your bucket list when visiting Toronto, every now and then there is a must-see installation.

Heather Nicol’s “Soft Spin” is hanging around until June 20th. The whimsical decorations are meant to contrast the “hard-surfaced symmetry of the space.” Having an almost flower-like appeal to them, the enormous fabric forms spin gently overhead.

It was apparently a Facebook Event with choreography by Andrea Nann from the Dreamwalker Dance Company. Too bad I missed it!


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