Ariana Grande Saturday Night Live (SNL) Tidal Skit: Rihanna, Britney Spears Impressions


Ariana Grande SNLIn case you needed any more proof that Ariana Grande is a powerhouse of talent, here it is.

Since Tidal‘s launch there has been a lot of mishaps and bumps. For example, Yeezy Season 3’s live stream totally went down and was choppy throughout. SNL mocked these mishaps with their brilliant skit “Tidal.”

Ariana Grande played Chloe the intern. Who was a bit of a dork and loves music, to the point that she’s secretly so talented. Talented enough to save Tidal. During her SNL skit, Tidal’s live stream kept going down. In order for her to save it, she had to do impersonations. Somehow this made sense in the world of SNL. But regardless, it really showcased the pop star’s ability to impersonate some of the most famous vocals.

Her impersonations included Britney Spears “Hit Me Baby (One More Time)”, Shakira “Whenever, wherever, Rihanna’s “Work, Celine Dion, and Whitney Houston’s I will Always Love You.

I was thoroughly impressed by her range of vocal abilities. She also gave a lot of humor interjected in between. When asked if she liked Ariana Grande she responded she wasn’t “really a fan.” Then broke the third wall by looking at the audience. Grande definitely has some theatrical ability, she did get her start in Broadway after all.

She also gave a sly remark about how people can’t understand what she’s saying, similar to Rihanna’s “Work” which is Patois. When Ariana released “Break Free” critics responded that it was grammatically incorrect and inaudible. During her promos she even mocked this critique of her music. So I guess making fun of Rihanna’s successful single off her album ANTI was justified, since it was self-deprecating. I’ll let you mock Rihanna, Ariana, only this time.

I also thought it was really funny that even after proving that she’s so talented, she’s still treated like an intern. I can relate. Immediately after Jay-Z appeared (disguised the entire time in the skit) and asked her to get her a coffee.

The only thing missing for me in this skit was a Mariah Carey impression. Since Ariana is always compared to her. It would have definitely stirred the pot. Especially now that Ariana seemed to have stolen Mariah Carey’s vocal abilities. I mean as Mariah Carey is losing her talent, Ariana is only getting stronger.

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  1. No comments? My husband and I were watching her, and us being 70 years old, we had never seen her. We fell in love with her. What a fantastic voice and so much talent.


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