Ariana Grande SNL Saturday Night Live Opening: SWEARS on Live Television, “What Will My Scandal Be?”


Ariana Grande SNL Saturday Night Live OpeningAriana Grande slayed her appearance on Saturday Night Live. But one moment sparked a lot of contrary.

During her opening monologue she made fun of her past as a Nickelodeon star and wondered what scandal she may encounter in the future.

“Ever since I was a little girl, which was 2 months ago, I wanted to be on this stage,” Ariana jokes to the audience. “I started my career on kids TV doing Nickelodeon. A lot of kids stars end up doing drugs or in jail or pregnant or caught licking a donut they didn’t pay for,” which was referring to her doughnut gate scandal where she licked a pastry when she thought no one was looking and said “I hate America.”

The ‘Dangerous Woman’ singer continued, “You know I’ve learned that it’s really time to grow up. I’m ready to be caught in a real adult scandal.” And then she broke into a very Broadway song where she imagined all the nasty things people would say about her like, “Is that Botox in her butt or in her face?”

When someone warned her that Grande left her phone backstage she didn’t mind because, “When I was a little girl, my momma told me, that I’d grow up and make millions of strangers mad at me and now it’s finally happening thank you.”

Ariana Grande continued with other scandals like, “Maybe I’ll have a love child with Drake or 2 Chainz.” She joked that she may get kicked off a plane for smoking pot on a plane. A guy that looked like an Uber driver came up to her and ask, “Do you like wanna smoke some pot or something?” To which she replied, “Pot? Let’s smoke some crack man!” The white guy backed out saying, “I’m good.”

The ‘Break Free’ singer appeared to have messed up a line and said an unexpected curse word on live television. She sang, “Or pimp a dam – oh shit!” But like a true professional she kept going. It almost made it seemed like it was planned, which had a lot of people questioning it.

According to someone who is familiar with the show, Grande’s mistake was unscripted and was supposed to be cleaned up for the show’s broadcast on the West Coast.

It’s ironic because in the song she mocked when Janet Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction on live television during her Super Bowl halftime show. It turns out the same thing happened to Ariana Grande during this performance. So again, was the slip up planned? Watch the video above and let me know in the comments.

But other than that, Ariana Grande’s performance on the show was incredible. Check out my other video about Ariana Grande’s SNL Tidal skit here!


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