Ariana Grande Saturday Night Live Promo: SNL Taran Killam Makes Puns Starbucks Joke


Ariana grande SNL HostThe promos for Ariana Grande’s SNL gig addresses all of her insecurities, I mean you’d think it was written by her therapist.

The promo was two minutes long where she talked to SNL’s favorite Taran Killam. And no topic was off limits. Killam apparently thinks “One Less Problem” is actually about prom.

Killam begins singing the lyric as, “I got one less prom production.” To which Grande questions, “Are you saying prom production?” “Ya. I told you I like the song,” Killam replies. “Yeah, I don’t blame you enunciation isn’t my forte. But it actually is the title it’s ‘One Less Problem Without You,'” Grande explains. Ariana was very cool with the joke and admitted she cannot pronounce some words.

He also made a low blow – quite literally – about Ariana Grande’s height. As everyone was looking out the window comment on the view she said everyone looks so “tiny.” Killam replies, “Yeah, as opposed to you who looks tiny all the time.” Grande couldn’t believe people thought she was tiny and he stood up on his chair to demonstrate.

And of course, a Starbucks joke was thrown in for good measure. Killam begins asking the set, “I got a Grande coffee, Grande coffee, I wonder who that is for?” A production person comes out and says, “That’s for me.” Turns out Grande ordered a Venti.

For me the one thing that was missing was Ariana Grande’s affinity for donuts. Maybe it’ll happen on the live show.

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