Apple iPhone SE Event: iPad Pro 9.7, iOS 9.3 Review March 21 2016


apple-iphone-se-ipad-pro-eventApple announced several new products at their Apple Event.

One of their newest products is the apple watch band, which now come in nylon! The prices for the Apple Watch now start at $299.

They talked about the Apple TV, such as Siri search and some software updates like live photos.

And now we get to the highlight of the event which his the new iPhone SE.

It comes in a Rose Gold color. It looks identical to the 5S and it’s the most powerful 4 inch phone ever.

Apple stuck the A9 Chip in it and basically put 6S internals into a smaller iPhone.

The phone has a smaller display, less pixels to push, so it will probably out perform the 6S.

In terms of CPU, it performs 2x faster than the 5S.

In terms of GPU it is 3x faster than the 5s.

It has hands free Siri just like the 6s.

Battery life is great, better by 25% than the 5s.

The camera has a 12MP sensor, with two tone flash, 4k video, 240fps, which you can slow down to make a slow motion video, live photos, but no 3d touch so it’s done by tapping, and it has no optical stabilization.

In terms of wireless, it’s not as good as the 6s, only 15 Mbps download speed. Other than that it is very similar.

It has Touch ID and you can buy things with your iPhone because it has NFC. You can also use Apple Pay on the iPhone SE.

It starts at $399 for 16gb storage and 64gb at $499.

It starts shipping March 31st.

And that brings us to iOS 9.3, which drops today.

It will have night shift that controls color temperature which will help you sleep at night. There will be secure notes that you can lock with a passcode and touch ID.

There’s a new iPad Pro that’s 9.7 inches.

It has a better display, better color, less reflective, and is 25% brighter. It supports the Apple Pencil. It also includes a true tone display, which adjusts your iPad to your surroundings. It has an A9x chip, like the iPad Pro, maybe even outperforming it because it’s smaller with less pixels to push.

They claim it outperforms the XBOX 360.

The camera on the iPad prod protrudes out of the body. They put a 12 Megapixel sensor from the iPhone 6S. Which is a fantastic camera.

It can do 4K video, true tone flash, has front facing flash, slow motion, and all that good stuff.

It also comes in rose gold.

It is the first iPad to have a 256gb option.

It’s available on 24th March, it will ship and be available in stores March 31st.

I was a disappointed that they didn’t give anything for the MacBooks. I think $400 for a feature packed phone is a great price for such an amazing phone.

What did you think of the Apple Event? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!


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