Anna Kendrick on SNL as The Little Mermaid Singing Iggy Azelea, Kesha, and More


In case you’re a Canadian like me and can’t find Anna Kendrick SNL Little Mermaid sketch anywhere online (thanks NBC), I’ve got you covered.

Kendrick as Ariel wants to have a human body. In order for her to get her wish, Ursula demanded her to sing. Ariel sang all of the songs humans listened to, including Kesha (who dropped the dollar sign from her name.) Hilarity ensued, but with a note that may struck a bitter note with some people. In regards to singing Iggy Azelea, Kendrick says, “It’s OK, she’s white.” To which Ursula replies, “I didn’t know you were a racist.”



There were cameos including Icona Pop and Pharrel Williams, who now wears a forest green top hat. There was also a really good joke about Putin and Crossfit. Want to see all of the highlights? Check out the video above!


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