Amanda Bynes allegedly wants her dad dead and goes on homophobic rant

Amanda Bynes wants her dad dead

Amanda Bynes confides to her West Hollywood roommates -in an alleged undercover recording– she wants to kill her dad and goes on a homophobic rant.

If this is her real voice, this is what the recording says:

“If your father was my father exactly than you would understand why you would want to slit his wrists quite frankly he like he like literally like this is where I go stupid like I just wanna like I don’t wanna shoot my father and that’s why I said I wanna like strip for him as a joke I wanna like lead him into a ditch and I haven’t decided how I want to murder him cause now I have this like war wound on my face and I don’t believe in murder um cause I know that is like unfortunate but it’s not because it’s like “my father” cause I look at him as a murderer person. It’s like literally like he like literally like the worst person and he tries to mask it and it’s like nothing would give me greater pleasure than like slitting his throat.”

She also stated in another recording that she wants her mom to slit her wrists. Very scary stuff!

The child star stated that it’s because they are taking control of her money and she is broke.

In the second recording she tells her friend that he is one of the “unhottest” guys she knows and that he is so gay it hurts her feelings.

Amanda Bynes was released from a psych ward last month. TMZ released the audio recordings on behalf of her family wanting medical professionals to intervene.

Bynes says she is fine and taking care of herself. What do you think of the alleged recordings of Bynes?


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