Adele Swearing at Glastonbury Music Festival in England Compilation: Her Potty Mouth Takes Over Live Broadcast


Adele Swearing Glatonbury Music FestivalHow do you make Adele swear? Side screens, forgetting lyrics and, well, pretty much anything.

While performing at the Glastonbury Music Festival in England, Adele didn’t let the fact that it was being broadcast live change her. She swore up a storm, causing a bit of an uproar among her fans.

Yes, it seems her famous potty mouth took over the concert. “Do you know how rock n’ roll I am? Not very, but the BBC had to give me a warning about my potty mouth,” she addressed the audience.

And people on Twitter reacted.

Blazer Dave writes, “I’m enjoying Adele swearing and chatting away to the crowd at Glastonbury. It’s like they’re all down the pub having chats and pints.”

Lucy writes, “Only Adele could get away with swearing, drinking tea, starting again and taking the piss of her own song. At Glastonbury.”

To be fair it was 11pm at night. All I want is access to her swear jar.

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