Adele Tells Ellen she Cried All Day After Shaky Grammy Performance; Grammys 2016 Technical Issues


Adele The Ellen Show GrammysPoor Adele.

There were technical errors during her Grammy performance of “All I Ask” off her best selling album “25”. Within the first minute the sound went out. This was due to a mic being dropped into the piano’s strings. And by the end she sounded off key.

Adele got candid about the performance on The Ellen Show.

“I was so embarrassed. I cried pretty much all day yesterday. Next time I have any sound issues, I am gonna stop. I’ll be like, sorry that’s not working for me. If we have time to do it again, let’s do it; otherwise, bye!.”

Adele won six Grammy’s back in 2012. Her performance at the awards show marked the biggest appearance in four years. It followed the release in November of “25” which broke U.S. sales records and became the best-selling album of 2015 with worldwide sales of 15 million. The November release made it ineligible for Grammy consideration.

For me I thought the performance wasn’t that bad. Yes, she did hit a few sharp and flat notes, but it speaks to her professionalism that she continued the performance despite the technical issues.

Adele starts a nine-month-long, sold-out European and North American tour on February 29. Here’s wishing her the best of luck!

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